Brightwells are accredited with ISO 9001 : 2000 for the sale of Motor Vehicles, Machinery and General Sale Items. Each year we are audited by an independent inspector, to ensure that our levels of service are still maintained to the highest standards which Brightwells feel our customers require.

Our Chairman has produced the following statement, which outlines Brightwells' vision of quality management:

National Association of Motor Auctions Carbon Capture Offset Scheme


At Brightwells we are committed to providing a high quality service to our customers, and to its continual improvement.
We understand that when we are instructed by our customers to sell or value their property and goods, we are to give the best known market value to achieve the best financial return for them by:

  • a prompt and efficient response to all enquiries
  • catalogue the goods and property that best describes them to the buyer
  • customer's goods and property, whilst in the care of the company, will be looked after by us and will not be subject to damage or deterioration, other than general weathering conditions
  • customers will be paid promptly for items sold at auctions
    We shall endeavour to ensure that these needs and expectations are fulfilled in every instance.

To achieve this, we have reviewed and documented the way in which we provide our services to ensure that we and our staff understand our customers' needs and expectations as well as our own aims and objectives and are able to work consistently to our operational standards. Each of us is committed to providing quality of service, believing it to be in the best interests of our business, our customers and each of us as individuals.

Our documented Quality System includes a Statement of Policy, Scope, Objectives, Procedures and other necessary documents and records designed to control our processes and demonstrate compliance. Where agreements exist between ourselves and the courts for the disposal of seized goods or other surplus to requirement items from local or national government, these are to be incorporated into our operating procedures and into documented systems of work, where appropriate.

To ensure the effectiveness of our Quality Management system we undertake, at least annually, a review from which we prepare a Quality System Plan, which sets out our broad strategy for quality and identifies specific objectives we wish to achieve within the planning period. We address issues such as present and future customer requirements, service levels, communications, operational improvements, relationships with our suppliers, and the resources required to maintain and improve the quality system.

Where appropriate we detail how our objectives will be achieved and how progress will be monitored and reviewed.

Subsequently, where discrepancies are identified between planned and actual results, we will investigate these and put appropriate corrective or preventive actions into place.

In order to provide additional customer confidence, our management and operational systems are designed and documented to meet the needs of the International Standard ISO 9001: 2000 and we are committed to complying with its requirements to continually improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.

Through these systems and verifications, we trust you will find our levels of service to be what you have every right to expect.

R J Binnersley
Brightwells Joint Managing Director