Selling valuations

Our specialist experts are happy to come to your property and view your cars or motorcycles, to help you ascertain whether it is viable for you to send your vehicle to auction and we can advise on what sort of figure you might expect from a sale.

This inspection is free and carries no obligation whatsoever. We will also discuss the reserve with you (the price below which the vehicle will not be sold) and advise you on what factors may help raise the item’s value at auction. Reserves are kept confidential but bear in mind that a realistic reserve leads to a low estimate that attracts more bidders – and usually a higher price. If we think your reserve may prevent your vehicle from selling, we will advise you that it is not worth entering into the sale, saving you time and money.

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Valuations for other purposes

We can also advise on valuation for other reasons, such as Probate, Inheritance Tax, Insurance, Civil & Criminal Cases and Family Division. These services carry a charge, which depends on the amount of items and value.

Please call the office on 01568 611122 to arrange for one of our specialists to come and see you.